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Who We Are

Bagel Sphere opened in 1995 in downtown Eugene. Thanks to the support of all of you in our local community, we have been able to stay in that same spot on 8th and Willamette for 23 years, fulfilling bagel cravings and opening sleepy eyes with double shots of espresso and good, hot coffee. As we grew, we opened (and later closed) a location in Thurston,  built our central bakery in West Eugene and opened Novella Cafe in the downtown Eugene Public Library. Several local cafes, grocery stores, and schools serve our bagels as well. We are so blessed to be a part of this community. Thank you for your years of support! We look forward to serving you well for years to come! 

Our Sphere of Influence

We are a purpose-driven business. We believe that it is our job to do our very best to have a dramatically positive impact within our sphere of influence. We try and do that through the following:

OUR VALUES: We value commitments to integrity, consistency, and kindness. We honor those values among our staff and strive to our utmost to reflect those values in all our interactions with our customers, our vendors, and our community.

OUR TEAM: We believe in promoting from within, and helping our team members move forward in life. For some, working at Bagel Sphere is intentionally a part-time job while they attend school, practice a trade, or devote significant time to an outside endeavor. For others, Bagel Sphere is a long-term home that allows them to pursue fulfilling work in food service and culinary work. We welcome people from both paths, as well as others who find their way to our doors. We continually work at taking good care of our staff, offering: paid vacation (not just sick leave), a 401(k) with company match after a year of service, free meals during a shift, and a kind and accountable work environment. Our goal is to become the best place to work in Eugene. We know that's a high calling, but why aim lower?

OUR COMMUNITY: We support several non-profit organizations in our community. We donate THOUSANDS of bagels to local educational and philanthropic endeavors each year, and provide financial support to a few key partners. Some of the organizations we have recently supported include: EWEB's Run to Stay Warm, Oregon Food Bank, Positive Community Kitchen, Breakfast at the Bike Bridges, and Lane Arts Council.

If you are seeking a donation, please direct all inquires to Please include the date of your function; your tax ID number, if available; and a description of what your cause is and what type of donation you are seeking. Please keep in mind that while we try to accommodate as many donation requests as possible, we are a small business and cannot fulfill every request made.